Our Services

iSCS offers a wide range of warehouse management and logistics tailored services designed to support the needs of a wide array of industries. Our aim is to improve the effficiency of your warehouse and inventory process.

Warehouse Solutions

We will provide you the system and tools to efficiently manage your warehouse operations and inventory process to save on time and remove inaccurate manual procedures

Networking, Wireless & Infrastructure

Our team of experts can assess your existing network infrastructure setup and identify what your business requirements are and improve efficiency.

Data Capture, Barcodes & Printing

We have a wide range of data capture and barcode products that will speed up the stocktake and inventory process and significantly improve capturing data such as quntity, time and date, location.

Voice Solution

From traditional PBX through to the new Cloud based products, iSCS can provide the seamless communications tools your business require.

RFID Solution

Our turnkey data capture solutions includes RFID reading products for inventory accuracy, stocktake, and asset tracking.

Maintenance & Hardware Support

Keeping your business systems in top shape is of utmost importance. We at iSCS provides customized system support plans with flexibility in mind to meet your business needs.

Enterprise Process

We at iSCS have a structured but flexible process in dealing with our current and future clients. Each step we have you in mind. By doing so, we don’t leave any stone unturned, to capture and deliver what our clients want.

Step 1 : Initial Consultation

We determine what the client needs and what services can help their business.

Step 2 : Presentation/Demonstration

We schedule a meeting to introduce our product and services.

Step 3 : Proposal

We provide formal offers base on our clients’ needs and requirements.

Step 4 : Closing The Deal

The decision to move forward and contract to sign.

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Supply Chain

Our fully integrated transport and logistics system will streamline processes in your business. Freight management will improve dramatically.

Transport & Logistics

Our scalable manufacturing ERP/MRP system offers seamless management of your production, purchasing, stock, finances, and most importantly your team and customers.


We have been in the business for so long that we are able to build a sound and strong partnership with the big names and leaders in the industry. This partnership greatly benefits our clients.

Industries Served

iSCS has a strong partnership with the big names in the Philippine industry, and some have a global reach. We manage complex and industry-specific processes that have proven results in their bottom line. We provide business value to our clients that come from different industries. Industries such as supply chains, transport and logistics, and manufacturing just to name a few. We continue to grow.

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About Enterprise

Founded by the need of our mother company 3MWorks in 2009, iSCS provides warehouse management and logistics systems to a wide variety of industries. Our systems and tools are being used by companies that provide your favorite fast food, logistics that deliver your valuable OFW boxes, to critical healthcare businesses that provide your medical needs.

We pride ourselves on our ability to assist our clients that will ensure their company prospers and succeed.

  • Maintenance Support and Services 2018.
  • The office is located in Quezon City.
  • Provide hardware solution and its peripherals including support and services
Our Clients

We appreciate our relationships with our partners and clients over the years and are proud to have provided them the systems and products needed improving company efficiency and lower the cost of running their business.

Partner Products

We have been in the business for so long that we are able to build a sound and strong partnership with the big names and leaders in the industry. This partnership greatly benefit our clients

Frequently Asked Questions

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No, but our company suggest solutions inside the warehouse and refer eligible partners to operate/manage the warehouse.

Yes, our company fulfills projects nationwide.

Yes, our company offers services structured in every clients requirements including consultation.

Yes, our company offers free consultations.

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